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Mom Catches Eldest Daughter Making Baby Brother and Sister Giggle and It’s Precious

It triggered a beautiful memory for her too.

Watching your children grow is a bittersweet experience. They go from laughing babies to older kids trying to make their little baby siblings laugh in the blink of an eye, and sometimes you can't help but get sentimental over the memories. 

In this video from @courtneydawnnb, a mom films her older daughter trying to make her younger brother and sister laugh, but the whole time, all she can think of is when her big girl was a little laughing baby, too. You might want to get the tissues ready for this one.


Such priceless memories! But just like those memories from babyhood are so precious, the memories of her being so sweet with her baby siblings will become just as precious in the years to come. Memories are the best, and also the worst, if you're the type to get super sentimental and weepy very easily. "She’ll always be my baby, my first baby. The one who made me a mom," wrote the mother.

Commenters totally understood where this mom was coming from...
"pregnant with my 3rd I love all my kids but I'll always miss the times when it was just me and my first"
"I’m pregnant with my second and this made me cry so hard …"
"Moms are so cute. My mom was massaging my hand once and looked up with tears in her eyes saying 'I remember when these were tiny little fingers'"
"I'm due in March with my 2nd. I didn't think of this. now I'm crying. my 1st will always be my baby and forever my baby. the one who made me a mom"
"Always something special with the first child. They’re the ones who made us want more"

Every child is of course special to their parents in their very own way, and nostalgia for babyhood is something that happens with every kid. But it sure is powerful!