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Teen Gets Overwhelmed When Little Sister Gives Him a Gift

He wasn’t sure what to do next.

Unfortunately, in our society, it's hard for boys to show emotion. They aren't given the same opportunities as girls to let go and be in their feelings, because they're always expected to be "strong" and "tough." Thankfully, that attitude is starting to go away, but it's still all too prevalent. As a result, too many boys spend too much of their time holding their feelings inside, and sometimes they just all come spilling out at once. 

That's what seems to be happening in this super sweet video from @kaydinfritcher. When his little sister handed him a gift, the teen was taken by much so that his emotions, as he wrote, "got the best" of him. 


Awww! Such a show of pure gratitude and love. Sometimes, when a little kid does something nice for you and it's so precious it just strikes an especially sensitive nerve. This teen must be such a loving big brother to have reacted this way to his little sister's gesture, and it's so great that he felt comfortable sharing this vulnerable moment. 

Commenters thought the whole thing was just the sweetest:
"That’s so sweet. I wish our society didn’t make it so hard for boys to show emotion. Wish my son could"
"aww this so sweet u can tell he rlly loves his little sister"
"Sobbing this so wholesome"
"Us as men we don't get gifts so the smallest things in the world hit home makes any man cry"
"lmaooo literally me, little sisters are the best"
"Awwwee he has a good heart I hope no one takes that from him!!"

That's really what it comes down to...this boy has such a good heart, and it's on full display in this video. It isn't very often that we get to see someone show their heart in such a raw display, and when we do, it's truly a beautiful thing.

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