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Mom Catches 4-Year-Old “Sneaking” Into Baby’s Crib

Nothing in the world quite like a sister

As a parent, you can't always predict how an older sibling is going to react to what a younger sibling does. They might be amused, they might be super caring and helpful, or they might not be feeling the whole sibling vibe right at that moment. Which, you know, is their prerogative. But sometimes, an older sibling will surprise you and really step up. When they help out like that, you just have to count your lucky stars and be thankful.

That's what's going on in this video from @tyandbee. All caught on the baby monitor: The 6-month-old baby is fussing in her crib. But before mom or dad can make it to the room, here comes big 4-year-old sister to the rescue! What she does when she comes in is just so adorable. 


Awww. The way she cuddles up with her little sister and fixes the blanket so everybody is cozy! It's too sweet. That's going to be such a sweet little memory for the two of them, snuggling together all by themselves in the early morning light. It's moments like these that build a sibling relationship, and this is the best kind of moment there is. 

Commenters fell in love with these sweet sisters...
"Awww They're Soooo Adorable"
"That’s the best big sister and the cuddle blankie awe. You have to take a picture. Hugz"
"Awwweeeeee that hug at the end had me crying"
"Adorable & making sure the blankie was just right"
"when my brother was a year old and i was 5 i used to hug hold him to my bed and cuddle him to sleep. i remember pretending to be asleep"
"I hope when I bring angels to this earth they will do something like this. It would make my whole year"

Hopefully these two sisters will stay close like this for their whole lives!