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Dad Catches Daughter Crying Over Little Sister Growing Up ‘So Fast’

Look how sweet their bond is.

As parents, it's hard to watch our kids getting older. Of course, we take great joy in seeing them grow up and become their own independent people, but realizing how quickly the time is going can be so hard. We don't ever want their childhoods to end! 

And as it turns out, it's not just parents who feel that way... it's older siblings, too. In one video a mom shared on TikTok that her husband was able to capture, his daughter is upset that her younger sister is growing up so fast... and we have to admit that we know exactly how she feels. Those emotions can be brutal! 


The family is sitting at the table, and their older daughter bursts into tears when her parents start talking about how big her little sister is getting.

"Do you want her to stay a little baby?" Dad asks her, and big sis tearfully nods. At one point, she even asks her sister to stay tiny forever. Oh, our hearts!

Baby sis didn't seem to understand what was going on, but she was happy to give out a hug anyway. And of course, the comments were filled with parents who totally identified with this feeling.

"Me crying every time I think about my baby growing," one mom wrote. 

If nothing else, this really says a lot about the bond that these sisters share, and we have a feeling it'll only get stronger as they get older. So sweet!