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Having A Baby Brother Didn't Stop This Big Sister From Going All Out With Dress Up Clothes

He didn't seem to mind.

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It's hard to predict what kids will be interested in as they grow, but it's a safe bet to assume that almost all toddlers love playing dress up. It's fun to put on fancy jewelry, a hat, or a costume and pretend to be a ballerina or a firefighter... and the really lucky kids have older siblings who help them dress up before they're old enough to do it themselves! 

At least, that's what happened with one pair of siblings on TikTok. In a video shared by their mom, she went into her child's room to find her toddler daughter playing with her baby brother... and the sight is pretty spectacular, to be honest.


Mom opened the door to her daughter's room to find both of them on the floor and looking quite well dressed. Baby Madden was even wearing a tutu and a whole collection of beaded necklaces, and his big sister was looking pretty darn proud of her work.

"Not every day is easy being a little brother," Mom wrote in her caption. 

This was the cue for the thousands of people who commented to share their own sibling stories. "My brothers used to put me in the dryer… kids these days will never know," one person wrote. 

"Every boy who has an older sister has gone through this. I know I did the same to my brothers," another person commented.

It's just part of having siblings — and dress up is for everyone, especially sweet big sisters who want to have fun with their baby brothers.