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Big Sister Tells Mom How to Parent Her Baby

"Pick him up!"

Some big sisters are very involved in the care and keeping of their new siblings. Sometimes even when their parents didn't ask them to be. But bigger little kids can get some notions in their heads about what babies need, and they can be pretty bossy about it, too. 

That's basically what's happening in this video from @mathisfamily347. As mom explained in the comments, the baby was doing tummy time, which he's not a fan of, and had only been crying for about a minute. But that was just too long as far as big sister was concerned. She was not having that baby cry.


Too funny! "She basically said come get your child!" wrote the mom. She really did a great job of carrying the baby and supporting his head, especially considering she was worried he was going to throw up on her. Which he very well might have, if he was just doing tummy time. 

Commenters thought big sister was a hoot.
"awww thts so just cooing away...awww"
"She’s holding the baby extremely well for someone who’s young"
"Awwww.. Pick him up, come on, I’m hot.."
"If “getcho baby” was a person they are adorable"
"He over worked her!! She got hot get ya baby mom!! And he threw up on her #priceless#BestBigSister"
"Baby girl was stressedddd!!!!! She did her part and it was time for her to move on."

Clearly this big sister will always have an eye on her baby brother. He's got a protector for life. This mom is going to get plenty of help with that baby, it seems. Assuming she does everything the way big sister says it should be done!