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Musician Shares the Voicemail His Sister Left Him During One of His “Lows” and Now We’re All Sobbing

This is what you call a darn good sister.

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Sibling rivalry is a very real thing, but those who grew up to get along with their sisters and brothers know just how irreplaceable they can be in your life. Sometimes, they're the only people who seem to truly understand us... and the only people who know what it was like to grow up in our house. With all that history, it's no wonder that they always know exactly the right thing to say at the moment we need to hear it most. 

One brother was reminded of this kind of sibling magic recently and shared it on TikTok in a video that's making people all kinds of emotional. He shared the voicemail his sister left him when he was going through "some of the lowest of lows" while recording his album, and it will hit you right in the heart. 

Over footage of this man, Emmit, and his sister playing as children, he shared the sweet message she left for him, letting him know that she wished they had time to talk more often because she was worried about him after their mom told her he hadn't been taking his medication and had been acting "distant." And as we can hear in the recording, just saying this out loud was enough to make her cry.

"I just want you to know that I love you so much," she said. "I know you're going through a hard time, and I just want to be there for you, whatever you need. People care about you." 

She signed off by reminding him that she loves him again, and that she's there to support him. So sweet!

It's heartbreaking to hear how worried she was for her brother in her voice — and a relief to see that he seems to be doing better these days.

This guy won the sister lottery. Everyone deserves a sibling like this in their lives!