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Mom Shows Off How Her Two Girls Are Polar Opposites But Still Besties

That sisterly bond transcends everything.

When you have another child, there's no way to guarantee that your kids are going to get along and have the beautiful sibling relationship you dream about for them. They're individual people with their own personalities, try as you might to make them stop fighting some days. But when it does actually happen by chance, boy, is it good to bask in it! 

It's also important to note that having two very different kids doesn't mean they won't be best friends. Case in point: This mom on TikTok, who has two totally opposite daughters who have ended up having a special sisterly bond anyway. 


Mom shared a video that included clips and photos of her daughters, who couldn't be more different. One of them prefers her princess dresses, while the other likes wearing a Spider-Man suit. But still, they're always together, whether they're playing outside, watching a movie, or sliding down the stairs. Inseparable! 

From how often they're pictured holding hands to the way they look at each other, it's clear that these little girls are already best friends, despite their different interests. 

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Best of all, Mom received tons of praise from people in the comments who were glad she was letting her girls express themselves however they choose.

"I love this! They choose their own path!" one user wrote.

Way to go, mama! Here's hoping these sisters have a bond that will last them the rest of their lives.

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