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Internet Rallies to Make Tennessee Girl’s First Birthday Without Her Mom a Special One

When her big sister Chloe asked the internet for help, they delivered.

Losing a parent in the moment is beyond hard. And because grief has no timeline, it can make normally happy moments become something to dread. A big sister who lost her mom and has been caring for little sister, said her birthday was about to be one of those dreaded events. The Tennessee baker posted a plea when she learned that only one kid RSVPed to her little sister’s birthday. When that post went viral, the internet decided to show up in a big way for the little girl, and she ended up having the most epic birthday ever. 


Local moms showed up to make elaborate decorations, various entertainers volunteered their time to make it fun, and someone even organized a present parade for her. The whole day was spent petting exotic animals, eating tasty food and truly celebrating, the way birthdays should always be. 

“The kids in the class who didn’t RSVP watching this👀👀👀 bet they wish they celebrated Charlotte now. Happy Birthday C,” joked one commentor.

Overall though, people were confessing that this joyous day moved them to tears and restored a bit of faith in humanity.

“I’m actually in tears this will be such a special memory for her,” wrote another.

Overall, nothing can make up for the fact that both of these women lost their mother, but kindness like this sure does help. We hope these two make many more happy memories together.