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Dad Pulls Off Epic Skateboarding Trick and Son Was Clearly Impressed

It may come as a shock to our teens that we had a whole life and personality before them.

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Since many of us don't start seeing our parents as "people" until we're adults (and sometimes, even parents) ourselves, it's no surprise that our kids probably haven't given much thought to the fact that we had an entire life before they existed. Friends, hobbies, likes, dislikes — we're a lot more like them than they realize! 

So that's why watching TikTok videos like this one is so much fun. One dad took to the app to show off his skateboarding skills, sharing them with his teenage son for what seemed like the first time. Apparently, after Dad told him that he used to skate, his son wanted him to prove it, and prove it he did.


It may be 30 years after he last skated, but Dad definitely still has the skills! It seems like his son was pretty impressed, and so were the thousands of people who commented on the video.

"He actually could do a kickflip after 30 years, Just saying, kickflip is one of the hardest tricks to stay consistent on," one viewer shared.

Another parent was looking forward to doing the same with his child someday. "I just had a daughter, can’t wait to show her how good of a skater her dad is. Let’s hope she gets into skating," he wrote.

Hey, his son must have inherited this love of skateboarding from somewhere. Maybe now that Dad is back on the board, this is an activity they can share together.