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Dad Notes Some Pumpkin Carving Knives Are Skin-Safe and Are a Great Way to Help Kids Gain Independence

This is actually pretty cool!

Now that Halloween is almost here, so is the time of carving pumpkins, a tradition that many parents love doing with their kids every year. But there's no getting around the fact that it might be a little dangerous for young children to participate without a lot of help from their parents. After all, there are actual knives involved in this activity! 

But thanks to the wisdom one dad is imparting on TikTok, we might just have a way around that. Did anyone else have zero idea that skin-safe knives existed, making it safe for kids to carve their own pumpkins? 


As he shared in the video, certain knives (like the ones he shows in the video) are not sharp enough to cut skin, but they are sharp enough to carve pumpkins — go figure! This means that you can give them to your younger kiddos to create whatever design they want on their jack-o-lantern.

But don't put the knives away after Halloween. Dad explained that these can also be used as tools to help teach toddlers independence all year long. The knives can also be used to cut food, allowing them to help with food prep and even make their own lunch! 

"For years we have been using skin safe Halloween pumpkin knives as training knives for our kids before they get to use real knives. They aren’t sharp but still cut cucumbers, cheese, lunch meat, and fruits pretty effectively," he wrote.

We never would have thought to use the tools that come in the pumpkin carving kit this way. This is a game changer!