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Boy Saves Up Money to Invest In His Own Business and TikTok Is Super Impressed

He’s not messing around.

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There's no rules about what age to start a successful business, and some kids are just born with the entrepreneur gene. While some may stick with the traditional lemonade stand, there's one little boy on TikTok who is taking it to the next level — and investing in his own business. 

Though he didn't share what kind of business he's starting, the enterprising young boy's father shared a video of him going to the hardware store and getting the materials he needed to build a cart he can use to sell his products at the local farmer's market.


He looked so proud putting together his cart with his dad (and the wheels he managed to get for free!) and he even involved his brother in the business, too. So sweet! 

Watching the cart come together is pretty rewarding — especially seeing the big smile on this mini businessman's face at the end. With drive like this, this kid is going places! 

Plenty of people in the comments were seriously impressed by his motivation. "Awesome job! And when he gets older and moves on to a bigger cart or whatever he’ll have the memories!" one user wrote.

"Thank god some kids still do awesome things like this," another person commented.

No matter what he's selling, this little boy should be proud of himself — and we're sure his dad is proud of him, too.