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Little Girl Basically Tells Mom to Mind Her Business When She Catches Her Sneaking Salt at a Restaurant

This has to be like a kid's rite of passage.

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There's a good reason why so many parents avoid taking their kids out to eat at restaurants: It usually devolves into complete and total chaos. Some people choose to embrace the chaos and dine out anyway, and eventually, kids get old enough to be pleasant people to share a meal with. In those years before, though... buckle up.

This 2-year-old little girl on TikTok is really proving what we mean by all of this in a video shared by her mom. She stole the salt shaker from the table, and she had the best reaction when she got caught.

We can see that she has her back turned to everyone at the table (as her mom wrote in the caption, it's because that makes her think she's "invisible") as she's shaking salt out into her hand and then eating it. Not exactly something we'd want to do, but this is exactly the kind of weird stuff that kids love to get up to.

After she got caught and her mom asked her what she was doing, she had the perfect response prepared. "I need my space, okay?" she said, before going right back to her salt shaking.

To be fair, teaching our kids to vocalize when they need space is something a lot of us try to do... but it sure can be painful when they use that important skill against us! After all, we have to act like human beings in public, despite what our impulses might be — salt related or not.

Most parents who have seen this video know that it's 100% normal toddler behavior, though. All kids play with the salt and pepper shakers (and the sugar packets) while dining out. It happens! 

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