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Mom Shows Daughter Why They Call her Pigtails ‘Snoop Dogg Braids' and She Has Cutest Reaction

Snoop, we hope you see this.

After a rap career spanning nearly 30 years, it practically goes without saying that Snoop Dogg is a musical institution at this point. It's hard to imagine what rap (and music) in general would be without his contributions. And of course, he's always been very recognizable — we'd know that hair anywhere! 

Recently, one little girl out there has been sporting his signature hairstyle and didn't even know it. And watching the video her mom shared of TikTok that she filmed when she explained to her why they call her hairdo "Snoop Dogg braids" has resulted in some of the cutest footage ever.


Her young daughter wears her hair in braided pigtails on each side of her head, which we'll admit looks a bit like the iconic rapper's 'do. She filmed the moment she showed her daughter a picture of Snoop Dogg wearing a similar style, and not only did she quickly connect the dots, but she may have actually decided in that moment he's her new favorite guy.

"Oh, I love him!" she exclaimed, admitting that her hair "kinda" looks like his.

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She even repeated the sweetest sentence after her mom in the cutest little voice: "Thank you for the braids, Snoop Dogg!" 

Commenters seem to be in agreement that the rapper needs to see this video — and that if he does, he will love it. It's hard to imagine that he wouldn't, because clearly, this is his newest fan.

Wonder if Mom will share some of his music with her too? She could have a future rap fan on her hands.

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