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Snoop Dogg Has Rap Affirmations for Kids and 90s Moms Everywhere Are Loving It

The D-O-DOUBLE-G never disappointed.

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It's safe to say that Snoop Dog's later years aren't turning out exactly the way most of us had pictured them. That is to say, we probably pictured Snoop kicking back, counting his cash, smoking blunts, maybe doing some rapping here and there, maybe starting a fashion line or something. The point is, none of us saw the "besties with Martha Stewart" thing coming, and we definitely didn't expect his latest project: Affirmations for kids. As he puts it, "Affirmations are positive statements, that help bust a challenge and overcome." Well said!

Can you ask for better messages than these for your kids?
"There is no one better to be than myself." "Today's gonna be an amazing day."

These are honestly affirmations that the average adult would probably benefit from saying (and some commenters say they've already started trying). But what's so great is that Snoop has made this a fun, accessible thing for kids to do that doesn't seem weird or hard or boring; it's actually fun. And when something is fun, it sticks!

Commenters were definitely on board with this technique.
"Snoop has become such a positive influence in the world"
"I trust this man with my soul"
"American Bluey"
"okay snoop dogg is definitely invited into my kinder classroom"
"I grew up on Snoop now my kids will too, just in a different way"
"The way I could've used this so bad as a kid. Wish I would have ever been told there was nobody better to be than me"
"I'm 42 and using snop affirmations...I've come full circle"

Nice job with this latest venture, Snoop! The guy's got every generation covered.