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Mom Shares How Son With Autism Handled Christmas Last Year

There is something so beautiful about his focus and enjoyment of simple stimulation.

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For some families, celebrating the holidays with their children is something parents look forward to every year. But for parents with children who are neurodiverse, this time of year can bring unique challenges. Kids who are on the autism spectrum may have an especially hard time coping with how overwhelming major holidays can be, and it's easy to understand why — there's always so much going on! 

But celebrating differently to accommodate your kids' needs doesn't have to mean skipping out on magical memories. One mom on TikTok shared a special moment her son with autism had a couple of Christmases ago, and it's clear that this is a truly treasured memory for her. 

While she acknowledged that many neurotypical children are so excited on Christmas morning that they quickly tear through the wrapping paper on their gifts, one after the other, that wasn't what happened with her son. After he opened a bubbling fish lamp, he was completely mesmerized... and instead of opening the rest of his presents, he sat on them to watch his lamp. 

(But to be perfectly fair, it is a really cool lamp.)

"This was 2 years ago and is one of my favorite videos. He loved his new light so much he didn't need/want anything else." Mom wrote in her caption. 

It's clear that she hit it out of the park with this gift, and even though he wasn't ripping the rest of his gifts open, it really is special to see him really take the time and appreciate them one by one like this — and as a parent who works so hard to make the holidays magical, it must be nice to see a child love something they picked out so much!

We love how this mom just lets her son do what feels right for him. We're sure he loved his other gifts, too, but it might be hard to top this lamp!