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Dad Takes Son to Secretly Get a Big Haircut to Surprise Mom and Her Reaction Is Priceless

So many emotions on her face...

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For some reason, children's haircuts can be an especially emotional experience for moms. It's probably got something to do with the fact that every time they change their appearance it seems like they're taking one step forward in the growing up process. And some haircuts are such a big change, like when you go from soft baby curls to little kid spikes. It's like mom can see her baby disappearing as the hair gets clipped away.

Haircuts can be especially shocking when they come as a surprise, like the one in this video from @britwkent. It starts out with Daddy announcing that they're going to get the little boy a haircut, and it's going to be a surprise for Mommy. Oh boy! Does he want to get a lot of hair trimmed? Yes! Yes, he does. In fact, he wants to look just like Daddy. Awww. And then it's time for the big reveal back home...

Of course Mommy loved it! How could she not? Her little boy looks adorable, albeit  much more grown-up, which is probably hurting her Mommy heart just a little bit. "He looks sooo old!" she wrote. Still, it's so awesome that this little boy has parents who are totally supportive of how he wants to wear his hair and gave him such a positive reaction. What a great way to help build self-confidence!

Commenters loved this little boy's new look, also noting how much more mature he looked. "Baby boy ages 5 years in 10 minutes! Adorable!!!" wrote one person. And everybody couldn't help but notice how the boy looked even more like his dad with his new short haircut. It seemed like he was pretty proud to notice the same thing: "Got a haircut that was the best day." Aww, so cute!

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