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Son Comes Running From the Other Room When He Thinks Dad Is "Yelling" At His Mama

That's a good son

The bond between sons and mothers is a strong and beautiful one, special in so many ways. Sons go from being your sweet little boy to a big, bold kid to a deep-voiced teen who might be taller than you. Somewhere along the line, as sons develop into young men, they might start to feel a certain sense of protectiveness towards their moms (which is quite frankly the sweetest thing ever to witness as a mom). And when sons get protective of their mothers, they're always on alert for potential danger. In this video from @jdutch, it's his father's (slightly) raised voice that brings the son running in to make sure mom's okay, and the concerned look on his face is so sweet. 


What a brave boy! It's funny how the dad couldn't even come up with something to say, which leads one to believe that he's probably not a guy who yells at his wife all that much. And maybe that's why their son came running so quickly...because he knew it wasn't okay for his dad to be yelling at his mom and figured something must be wrong. Commenters thought he was just the sweetest:
 "awww he loves his mama. he was worried and sad, give him extra dessert tonight and apologize NOW"
"Y’all are raising a Superhero!" "
Hes going to be an amazing husband some day!"
"Mamas protectors!!!"
"The sister telling the baby to stay outside what a cutie"
"Little sis trying to clear the way for big bro to take care of business what a beautiful family!"
Clearly this is a family that looks out for each other!