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Mom Lets Son Play in the Rain and People Have Feelings About It

She feels her son is making magical memories...

People have all sorts of opinions about the decisions parents make, from what they feed them to how they let them play. Differences of opinion are everywhere, and there's seemingly no topic that people can't disagree on. But this video from @auntshy is getting nothing but love from commenters. This mom's toddler was playing in the rain, and, as she says, he was having the "best day of his life" and she just decided to continue letting him have it. We see him playing with ducks and stomping puddles and sitting in buckets and altogether having a blast. He's safe and he's not hurting anyone. Why wouldn't you let your kid continue to have the best time ever?


It just seems like there are so few opportunities in this world for kids to really be kids the way this little boy is getting to explore the childhood experience. Unscripted play like this, especially out in nature, is so important. And this video shows that anything, even a rainy day, can be totally magical. 

Commenters were just in love with this little boy's rainy day and totally proud of the mom for letting him have his fun:
"YES MAMA!! everything washes"
"Love this. My kids would have loved that too!"
"the ONLY way to grow up"
"I cannot love this anymore than I already do"
"Best mom award! My babies loved playing in the rain/mud puddles!"
"This is so adorable. Core memory made"
"one of my favorite pictures is my son playing in a mud puddle in our back yard. it is a memory I hope I never forget!!"
"It’s gonna be good for his immune system. He’s gonna have the best nap afterwards too."

The sweetest memories really are the simplest ones, when we just let kids be kids. And everything will dry out eventually.