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Wife Surprises Husband With a Visit from His First Born Son on His Birthday After Spending Months Apart

He sure missed that little man.

Though most parents of young kids can agree that it's nice to take a break from the little ones for awhile every so often, they'll also admit that they miss them when they're away from them. It's hard to be apart from our children for too long, especially when life or work calls for a more extended separation. 

So it's easy to understand why this dad on TikTok was really struggling when he had to be away from his son for months at a time — and why he was so happy to see him when he showed up by surprise in honor of his dad's birthday! The little boy's mom worked together with his stepmom to fly him out for the occasion, and Dad's face was everything when he saw his little man.


They managed to hide him in the father's barber shop, and when he turned around and heard that little voice say "happy birthday," the smile on Dad's face totally warmed our hearts. It's obvious he missed his son so much! 

We can totally see why his wife wrote that this was one of the best birthday gifts she could give him — there's no way he would have preferred any other present than seeing his son for the first time since May.

This will be one birthday this dad never forgets.