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Mom Captures Beautiful Moment When Older Sons’ Met Their New Baby Sister

It doesn’t get sweeter than this.

Parents often agonize over the right way to introduce their child to a new baby brother or sister. It can be nerve wracking — what if it doesn't go well? But in a lot of cases, it ends up being a truly sweet moment that Mom and Dad will never forget. 

Just in case you need an example of one of those moments (and one that will almost definitely make you cry), these adorable siblings on TikTok are here to provide. One mom shared a video of her older sons meeting their baby sister, KJ, for the first time when visiting the hospital after her birth, and OMG. Everything about this video is perfection! 


It's hard to pick the sweetest part. The looks on their faces as soon as they walk in the door and see their mom in bed holding the baby are pretty great, but we can't deny that seeing the middle brother crying and hugging his dad is adorable, too. 

This emotional video made plenty of other people a little emotional themselves, even though they were just watching it happen.

"Currently pregnant, eating my third ice cream drumstick, and crying," one commenter wrote. Yep, that pretty much sums it up for us. 

There's already so much love between these siblings, and it looks like KJ will definitely have a couple of big brothers looking out for her right from the start.