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Babysitter Describes What Her “Unicorn” Family Is Like

Sounds like they treat her like gold.

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All parents deserve a babysitter they can rely on, somebody who gets along with their kid and keeps them safe. And all babysitters and nannies deserve to work for families who appreciate their hard work and accept them into their family as a valued team member. After all, the relationship you'll have with the person taking care of your kids should be different than the one you have with any other type of employee. This video from @mkporter.2 is like a tutorial in exactly how nanny/employer relationships should be. "I will never understand nanny for first time parents stereotype," she writes, referring to the perception that first-time parents are super controlling and uptight. 
"I have a Greg and Michelle." And Greg and Michelle? They sound awesome.


What an incredible job! They treat her like family, they feed her, they take her on trips...she even had a girls day with the really doesn't get better than this when it comes to nannying gigs. And that's exactly as it should be. You want to have a close relationship with the person who's caring for your child every day, with open lines of communication and mutual admiration and respect. Like Greg and Michelle.