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Mom Catches Tender Moment of 4-Year-old Helping His Special Needs Brother Eat

Brotherly bonds transcend abilities.

There's an expression child development experts have: "Catch kids being good." The idea is to focus on the positive things we find our children doing, rather than paying attention when they misbehave. 

This video from @shuuuridan is sort of reminiscent of that saying, because in it, a mom has caught her son being an absolute darling to his special needs brother. It's mealtime, and her 4-year-old is patiently helping his older brother eat his food with such care, it'll bring tears to your eyes.


Such a beautiful moment caught on film. These brothers clearly have an unbreakable bond for life. People sometimes make such a big deal about the siblings of special needs kids not getting enough attention, but they're discounting the amazing amount of love between these brothers and sisters. Love can do so much.

Commenters were so inspired by this pair:

"How beautiful is that god bless him just love him"
"Literally the sweetest thing I've ever seen"
"you doing such a great job momma!!! raising sweet young men!!!"
"he a good brother you can tell they love unconditionally much love to your family"
"this is beautiful my brothers helped me when we were growing up I have cerebral palsy wheelchair-bound but I've lived a normal life have kids"
"I love the laugh when he dropped the potatoes. My 2 year-old has been trying to take care of his special needs brother since he was mobile, lol."
"I reminds me of my family with my little brother he has cerebral palsy your son is son sweet for taking care of his brother"

Family is family, and love is love.