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Dad Helps Daughter With Autism Conquer Her Sensory Fear of Water and It’s So Beautiful

He was meant to be her dad.

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Raising children with special needs is a unique challenge, but one that comes with a lot of rewards, including sweet moments like this.

Recently, one mom took to TikTok to share an experience she had with her daughter, who has been diagnosed with "significant developmental disabilities" along with autism, which means certain things, like going into water, can be tough for her. But as we can see in the video, this little girl has also ended up with a very patient father who was willing to take the time necessary to help her adjust so she could enjoy the beach.

This is definitely a bit of a tearjerker moment.


"The sensory issues that come with autism have kept my daughter from enjoying many things. It takes a lot of work to help her get comfortable enough to have fun. My husband is so amazing with her, he never gave up until she was happy to be in the water," she explained.

In the video, we can see how sweet her dad is while interacting with her and the close bond they must have. And by the end of the video, they were able to have fun together in the water, too.

There's no doubt that this will end up being a core memory for this family. This dad and daughter are so lucky to have each other.