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Disabled Woman Has Powerful Message For Parents Of Kids With Special Needs After Nasty TikTok Goes Viral

Accommodations are not an inconvenience.

Some "unpopular opinions" aren't just unpopular, they're downright wrong. This amazing video from @takeabreathwithalexis is an answer to one such "unpopular opinion" TikTok, in which the person says that people who have children with special needs shouldn't accommodate them over their other children. 

In response, "formerly sick child who is now a chronically ill adult" Alexis made her own video, in which she explains why this unpopular opinion is an ableist one...and why every child should get the accommodations they need. 


Such an important voice to be heard. Families who have children with special needs are faced with so many challenges, and it's great to hear about someone who grew up getting the care they needed with siblings who loved them and didn't resent their condition. Unfortunately, that was not the experience of everybody in the comments. But most were still in agreement: Disabled children need special accommodations, and there's no way around that. It doesn't mean the other children in the family are loved any less. 

It seems to all come down to how the families handle it. Thankfully, there were plenty of commenters who had similar experiences to Alexis:
"Yes! We acknowledge our girl requires more, but we talk about it as a family and they both know it's okay to have their needs, and that they will be-1"
"I have disabled siblings. I am the eldest I missed a lot of my pre teen, teen years/ early adulthood caring for them. Would do it again I love them."
"I had two higher needs brothers, so while my parents couldn’t devote equal attention, they made sure they turned up for up when I needed them."

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