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Mom Of Child With Speech Delay Concocts Brilliant Trick For Getting Him to Practice Talking

Most parents wouldn’t want this thing in the house but it definitely is working for this family.

While some kids are quick to talk — some even using words regularly before their first birthday — others take their time, and sometimes, some children even have a speech delay that requires therapy and help from outside the home. Parents who are longing for their children to use more words to communicate will try just about anything to encourage them to practice talking... even if it means introducing toys you once swore you'd never buy! 

For example, most parents know that it's probably never a good idea to bring a karaoke microphone home to a loud toddler, but after this Mom discovered how helpful it is with her child's speech, she has zero regrets. We never would have thought of using something like this to encourage a toddler to talk, but this video is proof that it works! 


"We were at a birthday party and his older cousin was gifted one and he fell in love with it. I noticed that when he was holding it he made more of an effort to talk. After two weeks of this he is talking so much more!" she wrote in her caption, adding in the video that his language has been "exploding." 

This kiddo is so happy to repeat basic words like "mama," "baby," and "ball" if he's using the microphone. He's doing so well! And according to the comments, this is a hack that plenty of parents and therapists have used to great success. 

The microphone might not be everyone's first choice in toys, but it's definitely working for this family. Who would have thought?!