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Grandkids Discover Grandmom’s “Spicy” Boudoir Pictures She Had Done For Husband

Everyone was mortified.

As a kid, it's hard to imagine your parents and grandparents having an entire life before you existed — or that they still have those parts of their lives that you aren't a part of. But they were all young once, too, and many of them have the crazy stories to prove it. Even if they seem boring from a teenager's perspective, we can almost guarantee that any given set of grandparents was a lot of fun back in their day.

This is probably why these grandchildren on TikTok were so horrified when they discovered photos from the boudoir shoot that their grandma had taken for their grandpa. They discovered a photo album they definitely weren't supposed to find, and it seems like they probably wish they hadn't! 


Grandma discovered what was going on when the kids showed up with the album in hand, announcing that she was naked. At first, grandma was surprised... and then she realized what they were holding. Uh oh! 

What made the moment even better was when her granddaughter made a totally out of pocket comment about grandma's body — that you'll have to watch the video to hear for yourself. LOL! 

It was also pretty great to hear the laughter coming from behind the camera. The kids' mom was filming, and we have to admit that we'd probably be cracking up, too, if we got to witness our kids make a discovery like this.

They might be scarred for life, but this is going to be a funny story this family gets to tell forever. Grandma's not going to live this one down!