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Mom Picks Up Son From Grandparents’ House and What She Discovers Is Hysterical

Well, someone is living the life!

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There's a reason kids never want to leave their grandparents' house — it's usually the place where all bets are off. Mom and Dad's rules are out the window! It's a place where kids get spoiled with cookies before dinner, so much undivided attention, and Grandma and Grandpa get to say "yes" far more often than what kids are used to hearing at home.

When many kids visit their grandparents' house, it can be like a relaxing vacation, and not just for their parents, who get to enjoy some child-free time. As evidenced in one TikTok video, some kids are straight up pampered at their grandparents' house, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't at least a little jealous.


One mom took to TikTok to share what she found when she arrived to pick up her son from his grandparents', and basically, she walked in to see him enjoying a day at the spa. He was laying back, watching TV while grandma clipped his nails and grandpa hand fed him fruit — yep, that's the life! 

Watching the transformation from parent to grandparent is truly wild. We get to see our kids get away with things our parents never would have let slide when we lived under their roof... and they're happy to do it! 

Still, we know this kiddo was making great memories with his grandparents (and yes, we're jealous of all the pampering). 

Oh, to be a child hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.