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Mom Catches Daughter Standing Up For Herself When Boy Tries to Cut In Front Of Her

She was having none of that.

As much as we worry about what will happen when our child faces a bully and we're not around to help them, it makes sense that parents try to teach their kids to stand up for themselves. Of course, like anything else, it's easier said than done, but that just means that when we catch our kids exhibiting that kind of courage, it's that much sweeter.

One mom recently shared an example of a time like this on TikTok. She was watching (and filming) from afar when a little boy tried to cut her daughter in line, and she got to see her daughter quickly put him in his place. 

We definitely wouldn't want to mess with this chick. Did you see that side eye?!


"When your mom raises you not to take no sh-t from a man," the mom wrote in her video, and she's spot on — that's exactly what was happening here! 

We can't tell what her daughter was saying to the little boy in the video, but we would hate to be anyone who ended up on the wrong side of all that sass and attitude! 

Plenty of people were proud of her in the comments, too, even though they were just strangers. 

"She didn’t even have to say anything, the stare says it all," one person commented.

Even Jax, the singer who often goes viral on the app, left a comment of her own, writing, "I’d be happy with an ounce of her power." 

This is one powerful little lady. We hope she holds onto that spark!