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Woman Breaks News to Sister She's Going to Be an Aunt With Starbucks

This is pretty adorable.

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Telling people you're pregnant is one of the most fun things you'll ever get to do. It's the best news ever! People love to hear this news, especially if it affects them in some way, i.e., by making them a grandparent or aunt. Then the news is that much more meaningful. And since this news is so much fun, why not find a fun way to tell it?

In this video from @shealiewilliams, a mama-to-be is breaking the news to her sister that she's going to have a baby. But she's doing it in a brilliantly sneaky way...she's using Starbucks to do her dirty work for her (so to speak). You know how Starbucks is notorious for getting people's names wrong? She thought of a super funny way to take advantage of this common mistake...

Auntie Ginger! How adorable! She's going to be the sweetest, most excited aunt ever. "I'm going to be an aunt?!" She's so ready for the role. You can see how she would just be the most enthusiastic, loving aunt any baby could ever hope for. 

Commenters couldn't get over the way her eyes lit up when she figured out that her sister was pregnant, or the sweet pink flush to her face. Her excitement is so genuine. 
"Her eyes literally lit up when you told her. She's gonna be the best auntie!"
"The glimmer in her eyes, she's gonna be an amazing auntie congratulations!"
She's the sweetest. This is so pure, congratulations momma!"

This mom-to-be is so lucky to have a sister who looks like she's going to be super supportive every step of the way! 

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