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Mom Captures Precious Moment Between Daughter and Step-Dad

The story behind this special moment makes it more sweet.

There are a lot of challenges when you're trying to become a family, no matter how you do it. Blending families and welcoming stepparents, in particular, can be especially complicated. There are so many feelings and uncertainties and fears, and everybody just wants to know that it's going to be okay. 

That's what makes this moment in @kelseymcnay's video so incredibly heartwarming. In the video, the mom captured her daughter and her daughter's stepfather having a long, sweet, snuggle. Just a regular lovely moment, except as she explained, it meant so much. Her daughter was 2 years old when she and her husband started dating, she posted, and her daughter was slow to accept him into their "little world." But he gave her space when she needed it, and let her "love him on her own terms," and now the two look to be tight as can be. 


So sweet. You can tell that the little girl feels completely comfortable and safe on her stepdad's lap, and that even though she's a little tired, her stepdad is making her feel better. As they rock back and forth, they have such an easy, natural way about them. That's a really difficult kind of bond to achieve with a child but this stepdad knew how to get this little girl on his side. Now they're bonded for life. 

Commenters were so touched and inspired:
"This gives me hope for my future with my daughter"
"Love this. I love “on her terms”
"beautiful. my daughter was 5 when I met my husband. slow start but she asked him to adopt her at 14"
"I love this My daughter is 7 & I’m so afraid once I finally find a man I want to spend the rest of my life with she won’t accept him"

It can be so hard, but it's so rewarding to build a relationship with a child!