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Girl Calls Step-Father “Dad” For the First Time and Her Mom Caught It On Camera

This is a memory they will treasure forever.

Building a healthy relationship between stepparents and stepkids can be tricky. There are so many factors that come into play, and kids can be left not knowing how they're supposed to feel about this new person in their family. But in the best case scenarios, this blending of families is beautiful. A child learns that there's another grown-up in her life to love and support her, and they get to love that person right back. That's how things are working out in this super sweet video from @shelbywilcox19. Her little daughter is super nervous to call her stepdad "daddy" for the first time, and the look on her face is just too precious.


Too cute. That's a lucky stepfather right there, to have a little girl who loves him so much. Can you imagine how his heart must have melted the first time she finally called him daddy? And that's a lucky little girl, too, to have a stepdad in her life who cares about her and wants to build a family with her. The more supportive, loving adults in your kid's life, the better off they are. These two are sure to have lots of adventures together, daddy and daughter. 

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