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Stepmom Shares How Step-Daughter Helps her Hide Deliveries From Her Dad

Everyone deserves a partner in crime.

While we'd never dream of condoning dishonesty in a relationship, we'll admit that our partners aren't always the most understanding of all of our online orders. Who among us hasn't gone on an Amazon shopping spree in the middle of the night when they couldn't sleep? 

Sometimes, it's just easier if our spouses don't see the volume of packages that arrive at the house throughout the week, and it looks like one stepmom out there ended up with a step-daughter who really gets it. As she shared on TikTok, her step-daughter turned out to be her little partner in crime, and it's too cute to watch.


This sneaky little girl managed to quietly deliver her stepmom's package to her, even whispering to her about it so she wouldn't wake up her sleeping dad in the same room. That big grin and thumbs up after the package was hidden is just too much! 

"She can’t read but she knows how to read Fashion Nova, Shein, and Amazon LOL," her proud stepmom wrote.

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More than one of the commenters on the video think that she should be fairly compensated for her services.

"Oh she definitely deserves a special something for not only hiding the package but whispering so dad doesn’t hear," one person wrote.

These two are going to laugh about this so much someday when this little girl is older. Hey, if nothing else, they're building a bond. 

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