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Man Writes Ballad to Honor Stepfather and It Is Beyond Emotional

We’re feeling ALL the feels.

Being a stepparent can be a thankless job. Blending families is tough, and kids aren't always into the idea of having yet another authority figure in their lives. The best stepparents stick it out through all the stormy weather and stay a stable force for the kids. Which is what they need more than anything else. 

Honoring the hard work stepparents do and the love they give is what this video from @timmeeganjrmusic is all about. He wrote a beautiful song inspired by his own stepdad, and performed it for him. As he wrote:

"My Stepdad changed my life. My mom, sister, and I moved into his trailer when I was 8, doesn’t sound like much, but it was my first home. His name is Charlie, these are my favorite memories!" Get the tissues ready...


So sweet. That song must have meant so much to Charlie, with all the mentions of special memories. It must have been tough, taking a family into your trailer; times were no doubt tight and there likely wasn't a lot of space. But that was where Charlie made this family feel safe, and that's all that matters. 

Commenters were in love with Charlie and so moved by this song...
"I love the inclusion of his kids it shows he has already passed along the tales of the great Charlie"
"Charlie you the man to make a grown man say sing that about a step dad means you both succeeded in life . real shi* beautiful. right on boys."
"That’s so awesome to show him that love and Recognition for his roll on your life and the kids made it that much better. Brovo bro"

Sounds like everybody is ready to sing Charlie's song! And he deserves it.