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Mom Finds Hundreds of Stickers Her Kids Put Under the Kitchen Cabinet and Gets the Best Revenge

Wait until the end, it’s worth it.

It's so easy to have a love/hate relationship with stickers. Yes, they're fun, and yes, they're a cheap and easy way to keep our kids entertained for awhile, but man... they also have a funny way of getting all over walls, furniture, and even the car, despite how many rules we make about the right way to use stickers.

If you've found a sticker somewhere your kids definitely know stickers aren't supposed to be, you're really going to relate to this video on TikTok. One mom was feeling the same way after finding them stuck under her kitchen cabinet (a big no no, obviously), so she decided to get revenge. She's working smarter, not harder.

However, this does require playing the long game... but it's worth it.


In the video, Mom explained that, through her children's childhood, they were constantly putting stickers from fruits and veggies under the kitchen cabinet instead of throwing them away... and after seeing this cabinet, it's pretty clear this was going on for a long time. So we can't exactly blame her for what she did next.

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She didn't find them until her kids were grown up and out of the house, so Mom took all of the stickers off of the cabinet, stuck them in the mailbox, and sent them to her daughter. The best part of this video was her daughter's reaction when she got mail from her mom and discovered what it really was instead!

We'll have to remember this one. It's never too late to get revenge... 

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