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Instead of Telling Adventurous Kids to “Be Careful,” Try This Instead...

This will help them be safe while staying curious.

When your kids have, say, adventurous spirits, you might find yourself calling "be careful!" all the time, as they run/cycle/wheel away from you at breakneck speed. It's just a parental instinct, something you don't even realize you're saying it until you're saying it. "Be careful" is sort of how parents channel their anxiety into warnings their children may or may not listen to.

The only thing is, "be careful" maybe isn't the best thing we can say to our kids. This video from @nicolewoodruff850 offers parents another way. Instead of saying "be careful," this mom gives constructive ideas, like "Make sure you have your hands in the right spot before you swing," "Watch where your feet are," and "See the sharp turn ahead." When you think about it, that makes a lot more sense; that way, you're actually giving your kids actionable tips, instead of just a blanket "be careful."


Such a great perspective, and those kids are probably super brave and know how to handle themselves physically in lots of different situations. If all they'd heard was "be careful," they might not have tried half the cool things they eventually learned to do.

Commenters were totally in support of this tactic, and some even do similar things themselves already...
"thank you. I hate saying be careful because it's so ambiguous. I will be more conscious of cues"
"My dad turned me and my brother into adrenaline junkies and my mom went from saying be careful to be smart"
"I was an adventure kid and my mama never said be careful. She said “be aware of your surroundings.” So now I never miss a random ditch."
"i like this! younger kids don’t always know what being careful is"

So great that so many parents are conscious of not holding their kids back or making them afraid!