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Mom Notices Someone Following Her and Her Toddler and It Gets Really Creepy

Always be aware of your surroundings.

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Unfortunately, as moms, we've learned that we always have to be vigilant when we're out with our kids — or even when we're by ourselves. Many of us have learned to keep our heads on a swivel... the world can be a really scary place, after all, and bad things can happen when you get too comfortable.

Just in case you need a reminder to stay safe, this TikTok should do it. A mom took to the app to share that someone was following her and her toddler while they were out and about, and filming it was a good way to keep track of where the man was since she could see what was going on behind her in the front facing camera.

This is so creepy.


To be safe, the mom asked security to escort them to their car so she wouldn't be walking through the parking lot alone — a seriously smart move. And then, when they got there, something strange was in both the driver's door and the passenger's door, leading her to call the police to check it out before they left.

The video ended there, so we don't know what happened next, but hopefully, this mom and her son were able to get home safely. 

We can't imagine how scary this was, but it is a good reminder to keep an eye on our surroundings at all times.