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Woman Helps Struggling Stranger Calm Down a Baby and She’s Beyond Thankful

Her “aunt mode” got activated.

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Everybody knows the saying, "To raise a village, it takes a child," but that doesn't make those wise words any less true. Moms need help, plain and simple, and sometimes there isn't any help to be found. Screaming babies in public are nothing but a nuisance to most people. But when @deannapete saw a mom struggling to calm down her baby and take care of her other kids at the same time, she didn't roll her eyes or walk in the other direction. Instead, "aunt mode" kicked in, and a beautiful moment occurred.  


Now that’s exactly how the “village” is supposed to work. Someone sees a mom in need, and they help out. Everybody wins in the end. This was a particularly difficult situation, to hear the story that unfolded in the comments; the woman’s older daughter was playing drums on the sidewalk for money, and she and her other kids had been out on the street since daylight. The poor mom must have been beyond overwhelmed: Clearly strapped for cash, trying to feed multiple mouths, all with a baby who just wouldn’t stop crying. Thank goodness for the aunties out there who aren’t afraid to make that mythical village happen.