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Single Dad Thanks Stranger In the Airport for Stepping up to Play With His Kids

She helped big time.

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If you've ever traveled with children before, no matter how old they are or how much help you might have had at the time, you know that it can be an actual marathon. Packing up everything they need in the days before you leave for your trip is exhausting enough, and then the actual road trip or flight itself will leave you wishing you could have a vacation from your vacation. It's a challenge with two parents, let alone the single parents out there making it happen! 

But every once in awhile, in the midst of all the chaos, you will find a real life angel, and that's exactly what happened for this single dad who was traveling with his kids. A total stranger volunteered to play with his kids, and it's clear from this TikTok video exactly how much that meant to him. 

A dad shared a video of a woman who was a total stranger playing with his children in the airport, and judging by the smile on her face, she was totally happy to do it — not always a given, considering the fact that not everyone out there is kind when it comes to kids being rowdy in public spaces. 

"To the woman who played with my kids in the Denver airport: Thank you. Sincerely, a single father who was running on 3 hours of sleep," he wrote.

This is so sweet. It's so easy to perform an act of kindness like this when traveling. A little goes a long way for a stressed out parent! 

"As the woman that's always playing with random stranger's kids... thanks for letting us. It brings me tons of joy!" one commenter wrote.

If you ever have the spoons to lighten a parent's load while traveling, they'll never forget it. 

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