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Mom’s Straw Hack For Soup Is a Brilliant Way to Get a Picky Eater To Try Something New

Think outside the box.

Getting kids to try new foods can definitely be difficult, especially for our picky eaters out there. Different flavors and textures can be tough for tiny taste buds, and convincing our kids to try something like soup can be a serious challenge before they figure out how delicious it really is! 

Fortunately, one mom on TikTok has a new tip for us to try to get our kids to eat soup, and it's so simple that it's probably something you already have in your house right now. This mom (who also happens to be a feeding therapist who specializes in picky eaters) is offering hack to try that just might work.


This mom gave her children a straw to drink their tomato soup with, ditching the spoon entirely... and it's so amazing that it actually worked for them! They discovered that they actually liked the soup, which might not have happened if traditional silverware was involved.

This particular hack seemed to really resonate with parents, including some who had discovered this hack on their own. Using straws (and bowls that come with built in straws) definitely seems to be a game changer for a lot of picky kids.

"I do this for both my kids. It was easier with no mess when my oldest was younger," one parent, who said they have kids ages 3 and 8, commented.

Another shared, "Tomato soup in a sippy cup is a great option for those who can’t sit still!" 

These are all things we're definitely going to have to try ourselves. Who would have known?!