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Teacher Recounts Harrowing Moment During an Active School Shooting Where a Student Offered to Take a Bullet For Him

All because he knew his teacher had a baby on the way.

It's hard to argue the fact that there's a huge gun violence problem in America, leaving many parents to worry about their children's safety even when they're just sending them to school. A shooting isn't something kids should have to think about or prepare for while they're trying to learn, but it's a reality — and this has led to some kids being braver than they should ever have to be at such a young age.

One teacher is sharing his horrifying story of surviving an active shooter situation at school. His school went into lockdown shortly after the Uvalde shooting, and knowing that his wife was pregnant, one of his high school students offered to take a bullet for him so the teacher could go home to his family.


"A 14-year-old was volunteering to die for me, and that's traumatizing to hear," teacher Nick Morgan said in the video. 

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the shooting, so everyone got out of the school safely. But he's right — it is traumatizing to hear and know that students are even thinking about laying down their lives to save their teachers.

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"When I taught 6th grade (in Texas) my students all told me they would die for me so I could take care of my young daughter. When is it enough?" one fellow teacher commented.

"I had a student tell me not to worry during drill because he would protect me because I was pregnant," another shared.

Something must be done to prevent children from even having these thoughts at a time when they should be focused on having fun, learning, and feeling safe. 

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