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Teacher Learns Heartbreaking Truth About Student’s Beloved Dog

Oh my gosh, our hearts can’t take it.

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It's hard to explain deaths to kids, and one of their first experiences often involves a beloved family pet. So it's easy to understand why, instead of telling their children their cat or dog died, parents sometimes say they actually went away to a farm to live instead — it's way less upsetting than the alternative!

But the fact that sending a dog to a farm has become such a cliché means it's been used by desperate parents thousands if not millions of times... and when a kid lets us know that their pet moved to a farm, as adults, we know exactly what that means.


That's what happened when a teacher caught her student on camera as he filled her in about his dog's latest adventures and shared the footage on TikTok. In the video, her student (who's off screen) can be heard saying, "I asked my dad, 'where's my dog at?' And he said, 'he's at the farm.'" 

Instead of crushing her student under the weight of reality, the teacher chose to affirm his story. "Yes, he's at the farm, sweetie." 

She obviously knew better, but she wanted to keep the truth to herself, without putting him through it. Ugh, our hearts hurt just thinking about it — especially since she said this student talked about his dog all the time.

One day, he'll understand what really happened, but for now, maybe it'll bring him comfort thinking about his dog having fun on a farm somewhere. Poor little guy!