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Widow By Suicide Has Powerful Reminder for Everyone Shocked By Stephen 'tWitch’ Boss’ Death

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate.

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CW: This post contains content surrounding suicide and self harm. If you need help call 988. 

Fans the world over were shocked by the recent suicide of popular DJ and and TV host Stephen "tWitch" Boss, but the unfortunate fact is that anyone is susceptible to mental illness, even people who seem to be on top of the world. Those suffering from depression and other mental illnesses become very adept at hiding what they're going through, and even those closest to them have no idea.

That's why this video from @dabatesfam is such an important reminder. It's a series of clips showing a happy, vibrant dad spending time with his family, with a heartbreaking message from a suicide widow.

"What a suicide widow hopes people learn with the loss of tWitch...often it is a good guy who dies by suicide. The goofy guy. The kind guy. The generous and helpful guy. The guy who is always laughing. The amazing dad." She goes on to say to say that someone who dies by suicide can be surrounded by love and successful, not necessarily someone with an addiction or other obvious problems. To watch these scenes and read these words is absolutely devastating, but it's a must-see.

So sad, and so true. It's so important that people understand: Suicide can happen to anyone. There aren't always any obvious signs. And as this mom writes, "Suicide is not selfish. It's what happens when someone cannot cope any longer. And sometimes you don't see it coming...and while love can make a huge difference, it can't save someone. Because if it could, he'd still be here."

One commenter pointed out the similarities between this woman's husband and Robin Williams, which prompted another commenter to make this interesting observation:
"In all honesty as a therapist, the comedians scared me the most. Humor is a mask and a really effective deflection."

The creator replied, saying that her late husband was, in fact, a stand-up comedian. No one ever suspects the person making everybody laugh is suicidally depressed. Maybe if we can at least learn from these tragic losses, hopefully more like them can be prevented in the future. 

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