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This Summer Boredom Buster Is a Game-Changer For ‘Fried’ Moms

This simple activity will keep the kids laughing and entertained!

With summer quickly approaching, it is imperative that you have a few good ideas in your back pocket. While It isn’t necessary to keep kids entertained 24/7, when the “I’m boreds” hit, it is good for your own sanity to have some activities in your back pocket. When you’re searching for ideas, you want to be sure to choose an activity that is extremely hands on, that is totally safe, and at least fairly easy to clean up. This might sound like a unicorn of a summer project, but we promise they are out there.

One of them was brought to our attention when crafty mama Emily of @sandboxacademy taught TikTok how to make these frozen paints and they are straight up genius.


All she does is pour some classic kid’s paint into an ice cube tray and swirl in some water. She covers it with a sheet of foil and then uses that to hold the popsicle stick in place for each one. She pops it in the freezer and saves it for a rainy day. And when she’s ready, all she does is let the tray thaw for 5-10 minutes and then bam! Easy frozen paints.

While sure, you can just paint with paint, sometimes kids need materials presented in a new and exciting way to get them to use it again. 

“What a great sensory activity idea! I’m gonna try it with my boys,” wrote one mama. 

Of course, be sure they use this just on paper. If they want to get creative outside with it, make sure you do this little project with chalk instead so there aren’t any pesky stains!