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Grandma Flys In to Surprise Grandson and Gets a Surprise of Her Own

Double the surprises, double the joy!

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There's nothing like successfully pulling off a well-timed surprise. It's so satisfying to see that genuine unexpected delight in the face of someone you love, especially when a lot of thought and planning went into the surprise. But what about when a huge surprise is met with an even bigger one? 

In this video from @shirlgirl1101, we see a grandparent surprising her grandson with a visit from somewhere that seems far away. Her grandson definitely hasn't seen her for a while, from the way he jumps into their arms. But guess what, grandma? Your surprise is only one of the huge surprises getting revealed today.

A new baby!! Definitely trumps a surprise visit, although that surprise visit couldn't have been timed better. The "Mission: Impossible" theme in the background makes it seem like the whole thing required military-level precision (indeed, many of the hashtags mention the military). 

Commenters found so much joy in this beautiful family scene...
"She tries surprising you but little man surprised her. I LOVE this. She seems like the best Nana ever."
"mom you kno you can't tell kids secret especially from nanny"
"he got to share the news of his new sibling"
"Well goodness, this made me all teary. So precious. And congrats."
"My heart has melted twice. The best surprise ever"

It's so sweet when families manage to surprise each other, especially with such huge news. The memory of this huge double reveal will last a lifetime!