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Woman Surprises Siblings At Sister’s Baby Shower and It Is An Emotional Reunion

They are so close...

With some friends and family, you can go years without seeing them and pick right up again without missing a beat when you're finally reunited. You could say that's the test of a true bond: That you can be separated for years and your connection remains as strong as ever. As an example, there's the family in @lindsayxlinay's video. When she showed up at her sister's baby shower, she hadn't seen her siblings in 10 years...and from the way they greeted her, she was very deeply missed. 


It seems like they're never going to let her go! It's so sweet how they all just pile on her and hold on like one big family unit. It feels so amazing to hold someone when you've been apart for a long time, to remember how they smell and feel and sound. It's like you have to soak them all up before you can step away, and that's what they're doing here. This video is a bit of a mystery; the poster says there'll be "back story coming soon," but as of now it's not clear why she was away from her siblings for 10 years. One thing's for sure, it seems unlikely they'll ever be separated that long again.

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