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Surrogate Reunites With Baby for the First Time Post-Birth in Emotional Video

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Need a good cry today? Well, you're about to have one after seeing a new TikTok video of a surrogate reuniting with the baby she carried for the first time after the child was born. The clip was shared by @taytayfrey, and with nearly 900,000 views, it's well on its way to going viral.

The caption on the video reads, "Watching our surrogate reunite with Rafa a few months post-birth was a very special moment. They will always share a bond." The look on the infant's face truly says it all. It's almost as if she recognizes her based on her voice alone. Cue the tears.

The bond between them is just so special! What an incredible moment that must have been not only for the surrogate and baby, but for the little girl's parents as well. To see this woman who gave you the gift of a life interacting with your baby must be impossible to describe. Naturally, people are so moved by this video. One commenter, @Olka said, "Surrogates are a different kind of humans. The most selfless people on this planet." Isn't that the truth? Another TikTok user, @Lynn F added, "The recognition of the voice... probably smell, too. Babies are so smart 🥰." @Krystle Lynn Tomlinson also loved this clip, saying, "Aww, I love this. I hope she remains in her life as an auntie 🥺." We hope so, too!

Rafa's dads also shared an earlier clip that showed the beginning of this beautiful surrogacy story.

Be right back. We're out of tissues and need to grab another box.