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Woman Commissions Seamstress to Make Teddy Bears Out Of Deceased Dad’s Sweaters

They're all from his "signature yellow" collection.

There are few things in life as difficult as grieving a family member, but there are so many ways to remember those we've lost. Keeping the items or clothing that meant a lot to our favorite people after we lost them is one way to keep their memory alive, and people have been making quilts out of lost loved ones' shirts for a long time now.

But this? This is next level. One seamstress shared how she made a teddy bear — called "memory animals" — out of yellow sweaters that belonged to a woman's deceased dad, and we're blown away by how gorgeous these are. What a cool idea! 


"My client's dad passed away. He loved wearing yellow sweaters. So she asked if I could turn them into bears for her kids," the seamstress explained. 

The finished product is adorable, and there's no doubt these grandkids are going to treasure the teddy bears, especially as they get older. So many people in the comments were touched by this idea.

"That is so darling. What a comfort you've given them!" one person commented, with another adding, "Wow I really needed this today. My mother-in-law is in hospice and I’m definitely going to do this for the grandkids." 

This is such a sweet way to remember someone forever. This woman and her children will always be able to keep her dad with them now, along with a reminder of something he loved when he was alive.