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Boy Tells Stepdad He’s Proud of Him and Dad’s Reaction Is Everything

That’s a blended family loving by choice right there.

It's never too late to hear something you should've heard as a kid. And sometimes, interestingly enough, it takes a kid to figure that out. In this video from @anxietycouple, a young boy decides to tell his stepdad that he's proud of him because, as he wrote, "his dad never did." It's so sweet to watch the boy nervously approach his stepdad, who of course assumes that the boy wants to hang out and game. But then the boy says he has something to tell him. 


That hug is absolutely priceless. There’s pretty much nothing more amazing than a kid saying they want to be just like you when they grow up (no pressure!). And it says so much about their relationship that the boy not only knew that this was a hurt his stepfather carried in his heart, but that he also felt comfortable enough to share his love with his stepdad in such a beautiful way. 

Life as a blended family can be difficult; the relationship between a stepparent and a stepchild isn’t always the easiest one. There can be power struggles and misunderstandings, and plenty of growing pains. But as long as there’s lots of love, as this family proves, everything turns out okay in the end.

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