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Little Boy Gives Air Force Vet the Honor of His Life

And now everyone’s crying.

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As parents, we know that no matter how hard we try, young kids are going to be all over the map with their behavior. We all want to raise good, kind people who are respectful of others, even strangers, but kids are gonna kid — and that's perfectly fine. But once in awhile, something happens that reminds us that they really are listening to us and turning out to be the wonderful people we are raising them to be that makes it all worth it.

It looks like one mom experienced a moment like this very recently with her six year old son. In a video she shared on TikTok, she showed the way her little boy honored an Air Force veteran, and the idea was all his own.

As the mom explained in the video, her family was out to lunch when she saw her son walk to a random table where people were eating, and she had no idea why. But he made a beeline for an older man who was wearing an Air Force hat, and when he got there, in his tiny voice, he said, "thank you for your service." 

Oh, our hearts! How sweet of him to think to thank a veteran all on his own, with no prompting from his parents — and it sounds like the former military member was really touched by his gesture. 

Mom added that the vet even gave her son his hat, and by the end of their conversation, they were all crying. According to one of the comments she posted on the video, it sounds like this was very personal to their family.

"My family and my husband's family are military from all branches. He knows we show gratitude and respect to military and armed forces. Made us proud," she wrote.

This is one respectful little boy this mama is raising. We know this had to have made such an impact on that veteran.